Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD dan Jawaban

    Halo semuanya di artikel kali ini saya akan memberikan latihan soal bahasa inggris untuk kelas 6 SD, Sebelumnya juga sudah ada latihan soal bahasa indonesia kelas 6 sd

    Soal di sini dilengkapi langsung dengan jawaban sehingga di harapkan dapat mempermudah pengerjaan dan pembelajaran temen temen semua.

    Selain bahasa inggris agama islam juga sudah kami sediakan soal dan jawabannya yang bisa kamu pelajari . dan semoga bermanfaat.

    Read the dialogue bellow carefully to answer no 1-3!

    Mom : “James, wake up!”.

    James : “Yes mom”.

    Mom : ”You should go to school before 7 a.m.”

    James : “Alright mom”.

    Mom : “Now, please take a bath then breakfast first and goes to school”.

    James : “Okay mom”.

    1. How many people in that conversation?

    Answer: 2 people

    2. Where does the conversation take place?

    Answer: at home

    3. What does James says to his mom when he asked to wake up?

    Answer: Yes

    4. Cynthia : what do you want to eat for dinner?

    Tom : …

    Answer: friedrice

    5. Doni : what do you want to drink?

    Dinda : …

    6. My mother … in the kitchen.

    Answer: cooks

    7. My father … one car.

    Answer: has

    8. My sister … a cake.

    Answer: makes

    9. We brush the teeth with …

    Answer: Toothpaste

    10. … you have a new house?

    Answer: Do

    11. … you make me cupcakes for my birthday?

    Answer: can

    12. … open the door please?

    Answer: could

    13. Riana : “What do you have?”

    Krisna : “I … a cup tea and cookies”.

    Answer: have

    14. Grandmother buy some fruits in the …

    Answer: market

    15. We have to sleep in the …

    Answer: bedroom

    16. My family love …

    Answer: me

    17. The husband … wife.

    Answer: his

    18. I have six marbles, Kiana has four marbles, so we have …

    Answer: ten marbles

    19. Kaleng dalam bahasa Inggris disebut dengan …

    Answer: can

    20. It is a vegetable, it has purple color, so many people like it. It is called …

    Answer: eggplant

    21. It is a fruit, it has a thorn, many people don’t like it because it has strong smell, it is called …

    Answer: durian

    22. Humans have two …

    Answer: eyes

    23. The taste of this vegetable is hot, don’t eat too much you will get stomach, it is …

    Answer: chili

    24. … is a junk food.

    Answer: Pizza

    25. Every morning my father drinks a cup …

    Answer: coffee

    26. A … works in sea to get some fish.

    Answer: fisherman 

    27. Bandung is located is ...

    Answer: West Java

    28. Starla is clever. Maya is clever. Starla is ... Maya.

    Answer: as clever as

    29. Jessica is twelve years old. Anna is ten years old. Anna is ... than Jessica.

    Answer: younger

    30. … the baby is sleeping now!

    Answer: Don’t make some noise

    31. Nino has a motorcycle. The motorcycle is ...

    Answer: hers

    32. Where are pupils studying? They are in the ...

    Answer: classroom

    33. He is ... in Seminung mountain.

    Answer: climbing

    34. Pras is ... in the bed room.

    Answer: sleeping

    35. My little sister is ... the floor.

    Answer: sweeping

    36. Moslems pray in the ...

    Answer: mosque  

    37. The capital city of West Sumatra is ...

    Answer: Padang

    38. The doctors work in the ....

    Answer: hospital

    39.   I have a new doll. It is ... doll.

    Answer: my

    40. Mrs. Max is Lita’s mother. Lita is ... daughter.

    Answer: her

    41. Today is Monday, so we have to wear ... cap on the flag ceremony.

    Answer: our

    42. The library is behind the headmaster’s room. The antonym of behind is ...

    Answer: in front of

    43. The opposite of north is ...

    Answer: south

    44. Terry : “Whose necklace is that ?”

     Sisca : “That necklace belongs to Yuli. That is ...

    Answer: hers

    45.   .... has a trunk.

    Answer: elephant

    46.   Rani  : "Can you give me a wafer?"

      Dian : "...., of course."

    Answer: Yes   

    47. Alma : "Where do you live Berta?"

     Berta : ".......................".

    Answer: I live in Bogor

    48. Vina always gets the first rank in her class. She is the ... student in the class.

    Answer: cleverest 

    49. A : “How much does the pencil case cost?”

     B : “It ... ten thousand rupiahs.”

    Answer: costs

    50. P : “Do you know Mr. Fauzan?”

    Q : “No, I ... .”

    Answer: don’t

    51. Demak was a ... long time.

    Answer: kingdom

    52. The king lives in a ...

    Answer: kingdom

    53.   It is not my cap. The cap is not ...

    Answer: mine

    54. A : “Wow ! Is it ... toy train ?”

    B : “Yes, it is my toy train.

    Answer: your

    55. ... likes to eat banana.

    Answer: monkey

    56. The boy and his friends play kite in the ...

    Answer: yard

    57. The opposite of short is ...

    Answer: long

    58. She sends a letter to my house. She is a ....

    Answer: postman

    59. We have a new boat. The boat belongs to ...

    Answer: ours

    60. It is Rini’s ring. It is ... ring.

    Answer: her

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