Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD dan Jawabannya

    Soal bahasa Inggris untuk kelas 5 SD dilengkapi dengan,  soal bahasa Inggris untuk belajar di rumah Dan dapat  dipelajari dengan mudah. Ada sekitar 60 soal  bahasa Inggris lengkap  dengan jawabannya.  Langsung saja Berikut ini adalah soal-soal bahasa Inggris dan jawaban

    Sharen : "Do you like drawing Reno?"

    Reno : "...."

    Answer: yes, I do

    Someone can do surfing in the ...

    Answer: beach

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    Dino usually .... at 06.00 in the morning.

    Answer: gets up

    A : "Can you ... the computer?"

    B : "yes, I can"

    Answer: operate

    We use my ... on my head.

    Answer: cap

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    She ... the floor every morning.

    Answer: sweeps

    Andrew : “ What do they wear for swimming?”

    Theo : “They wear ... “.

    Answer: swimsuits

    The pupils wear their ... to school.

    Answer: uniform

    My mother cooks in the ... every morning.

    Answer: kitchen

    My sister and me want to play tennis. We needs a ...

    Answer: racket

     Yuri is wearing ... on her waist.

    Answer: belt

    Indonesian staple food is ...

    Answer: rice

    It is a delicious fruit. Monkey very likes it. Can you guess what is it?

    Answer: banana

    Mr. White is praying for God at noon. He wears ...

    Answer: sarong

    All the students usually have flag ceremony on ...

    Answer: Monday

    There are … months in a year.

    Answer: twelve

    You can find many things in the library, except …

    Answer: stove

    Indonesian people always celebrates independence day on ...

    Answer: August

    Before you go to bed, you have to brush your ....

    Answer: teeth

    Yulia : “Are there pencils on the table?”

    David  : “Yes, ....”

    Answer: There are

    There ... five pencils in the pencil box.

    Answer:  are

    Chandra : “May I know your … ?”

    Lia : I live at Jl. Kedondong 10 Bandung.

    Answer: address

     Maria :” .... are you?”

     Kana : “I am fine thanks.”

    Answer: how

    we need some ... to buy something.

    Answer: money

    My family and I are going to … next Sunday for swimming.

    Answer: waterpark

    We go to Merak harbor to have travelling by a ...

    Answer: ship

    Everyone have to wear … where ever they go by a motor cycle.

    Answer: helmet

    My stomach is sick. It means I have ...

    Answer: stomachache

    We can look the moon at ...

    Answer: night

    Pras : Let's go to Cinema tonight!

    Rini : Ok then.

    They want to....

    Answer: watching the film

    Cindy and Cintya is crossing the road on ...

    Answer: zebra cross

    You could buy a stationery in the ...

    Answer: bookstore bank

    Choose the correct sentence!

    Answer: my sister reads a novel

    If our body is health, it makes we ...

    Answer: happy

    The opposite of “tall” is ...

    Answer: short

    There is a . . . in my uncle’s home.

    Answer: garden

    I have a new socks and a pair of ...

    Answer: shoe

    My little brother and his friend are playing … in the yard.

    Answer: football

    The astronauts go to the ... every 2 years.

    Answer: moon  

    Papua is in the . . . of Kalimantan.

    Answer: north

    The capitol city of Central Java is ...

    Answer: Semarang

    a doctor works at …

    answer: hospital

    Tangkuban Parahu is a legend story from …

    Answer:  West Java

    Mango, Apple, guava, avocado are ...

    Answer: fruits

     I … my grandmother with mom’s phone.

    Answer: call 

    We can see a lot of train in the ...

    Answer: station railway

    We are looking for new book reference in …

    Answer: library

    The sign mean “ruang tunggu” is ...

    Answer: waiting room

    The sign mean “untuk dijual” is ...

    Answer: for sale

    The sign mean “rumah makan” is …

    Answer: restaurant

    The sun will shines in the ...

    Anwer: east  

    Calculator  is …

    Answer: calculating machine

     We can hear many voices by using our...

    Answer: ear

    Adi is a player football. He kicks the ball with his …

    Answer: foot

    You can use a … for wiping the wrong words on the book.

    Answer: eraser

    We can smell something with our …

    Answer: nose

    My father saves his money in the …on Jl. Bunga.

    Answer: bank

    Bogor is in . . . Java.

    Answer: west

    The sun will sets is in the …

    Answer: west

    What color of coffee? It is …

    Answer: black

    What color is Indonesian flag? It is …

    Answer: red and white

    The word “INDONESIA” have . . . consonants.

    Answer: 4

    There are … days in a week.

    Answer: 7

    Carrot, cabbage,  spinach are …

    Answer: vegetable

    There are a lot of … in the garden.

    Answer: flower

    You will find plate, glass, fork, and spoon in …

    Answer: kitchen

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